Social & Environment Responsibility

Poverty Reduction

We prioritized to keep the poor person for industrial work and providing more than $2 to uplift them below poverty line.   They can take their salary as per their need and remaining is deposited in their bank account.  Cash is provided lump sum if they want it for their children's education or any other relevant work.  The company always encourages them to save the money rather than the whole amount expenses.


Gender Inclusion

From the perspective of gender equality and women's empowerment, 80 % are women involved in cooking, mixing, peeling, labelling, canning and cleaning while 20% are male involved in heavy work.  Now 180 persons are working in the factory.


We are maintaining equality within factory. Everybody enters in the factory and wears same uniform, no one discriminate them during working period in terms of Â  gender/cast/ethnicity/sex inside the factory.  Everybody respects each others work.


Environment Sustainability

The company works in harmony with the environment and contributes to improve it. The effluent obtained from the food processing plant is treated before letting away in environment. Such byproduct is used as fertilizer and has not produced any detrimental effects to the crops or environment whatsoever.  Trees on the premise of the industry acts as wind barrier which helps to keep away dust particles. Multi cropping is done to cultivate various vegetables and fruits which can help produce different products in same season.